Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all film posters valuable?

A. Short answer is NO! There are many factors that make a particular film poster a collector's item and valuable. These include how famous and popular the film itself is, actors and actresses, how rare a poster is, its quality and condition and of course the overall demand for the item. Like any other "valuable", you must buy only from reputable dealers. Beware of Fakes!
Q. Is it safe to buy online?

A. Like any other product, if you can trust the supplier then it is perfectly safe to buy film posters online.
Q. Do you deliver internationally?

A. We regularly deliver to different countries using safe and reliable couriers. For international shipping it is always best to send rolled posters in special protective tubes. However, we always recommend linen backing for greater protection.
Q. What is "linen backing"?

A. Movie posters are printed on paper and naturally are prone to crease, cracking or tears over time. Linen backing is a process that attaches the poster to a protective layer of cloth to avoid damage to the paper. Some of our posters are already linen backed and for the others we offer you the option of professional linen backing before delivery.
Q. Can you deliver my poster already framed?

A. We offer an extensive framing service using standard popular frames. Various framing options are available based on practical considerations.

If you order online or in our gallery in London for pick up from the gallery you can choose between glass mount (regular or anti-UV) or perspex (regular or anti-UV). In the gallery you will also have the choice of various styles of wooden frames.
For deliveries within UK we still offer all the options, but recommend Perspex instead of glass for additional security.
International shipping is best without frame and in protective tubes.

Q. Are my purchases insured during shipment?

A. Yes, all our deliveries are insured until they reach into your hand.
Q. Can I return for refund the poster that I bought from you?

A. Yes, subject to our Return and Refund policy. Please read the relevant section.
Q. Are all the posters shown on this website available in your gallery?

A. Many of the posters are displayed in our gallery which you can see and inspect. Some items may not be on display at the time of order but full details of all posters offered here are disclosed and verified by us.
Q. Can I sell my poster to you?

A. Yes, we are always willing to look at any good quality film poster and establish a price. Just give us a call or email us a photo of your poster.