Since vintage movie posters are the actual theatre-used advertising material, their conditions may vary. The following grading system has been used to describe a poster’s condition.  These classifications are intended as guideline only so please feel free to request a more detailed condition report on specific items of interest.

MINT No imperfections allowed. No holes, tears, fading, bleed-through or any other defects or blemishes whatsoever.
NEAR MINT Minor imperfections allowable such as minor wear along fold-lines and borders or minor paper tear at centre points of fold-lines.
EXCELLENT Light use with no serious defects, a relatively clean poster. May have minimal wear with possible pinholes in the border or slight fold wear. Minor tape on the back and very small tears allowed, as is slight fading.
VERY GOOD Average to moderate use, containing a few cosmetic flaws such as tears, tack holes, and small tape or light staining on the edges. Overall image is still relatively clean.
GOOD Heavily used but still in fairly presentable state. Could benefit from restoration.
FAIR Very heavily used. Usually contains damage to image area, restoration usually required.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, our movie posters are in excellent to near mint condition.